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dc.description.abstractThis guidance aims at familiarising UN personnel with the forms and uses of each types of written communication so that staff can choose the most appropriate one for a given situation and feel more confident about the writing style. Guidance on what constitutes good content, conventions on formatting, choice of language, tone and style etc, are also exploited. This Instructor's Guide and Answer Key contains answers to the exercises (WCR Booklet) found in the Writing Correspondence and Reports Booklet, along with “Notes to the Instructor” (in blue font) on items that may need special emphasis during each lesson.en
dc.titleDrafting correspondence and reports: guidance for peacekeeping personnel : Instructors' guideen
dc.typeGuidelines / Manualsen
undr.cluster.bodyDepartment of Managementen
undr.cluster.bodyOffice of Human Resources Managementen
undr.cluster.bodyDepartment of Peacekeeping Operationsen
undr.cluster.bodyDepartment for Field Supporten
undr.contributor.corporateUN. Department of Peacekeeping Operationsen
undr.contributor.corporateUN. Department for Field Supporten
undr.contributor.corporateUN. Office of Human Resources Managementen
undr.subject.corporateUN. Department of Peacekeeping Operationsen
undr.subject.corporateUN. Department for Field Supporten
undr.subject.thesaurusPEACEKEEPING OPERATIONSen
undr.subject.dpkoTECHNICAL TRAININGen
undr.contributor.dpkoDPKO-DFS/DPET/Integrated Training Serviceen
undr.keywordswrite, report, draft, personnel, language, tone, style, instructor, guideen

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